Weight Loss Motivation Tips

It is all started on Monday morning when you promised yourself that time to lose weight has come. The next three days were filled with lots of jogging, rope jumping, and no junks salads only! On Thursday things are changed, u just lying on the couch, with a bar of chocolates, biscuits name all type of junks watching your favorite programs all day. What happened? Lack of weight loss motivation. You just have to keep it in your mind and move from yo- yo lifestyle to you look great lifestyle.

The following tips will keep you motivated as you loose weight

Set a realist and attainable goal

dfgcZXcvnmbA goal like “I want to lose 60 pounds “in a week is a demotivation by itself. Once you have written down what you want to attain by the end of the week, make sure working and do not settle until you achieve it. Realistic goals are easy to attain, make sure that the set number of pounds to loose, foods to avoid, exercises to take are all real. This will make you smile at the end of the day because you will have attained your goals and ready to move to the next level.

Get a weight loss buddy

Find someone you trust and whom you can share with, what you are going through in the weight loss process. This will help you reduce the mental strain at that time. This person should help you work out, eat healthy or both. You can even bet on the pounds to lose or what to or not eat. Most importantly, this person should make you feel better, not discouraging you or getting into a competition with you.

Join a class

edfgzxcvhIf a workout friend does not seem to help, then join an exercise class. If all partners in your class are reaching their goals and not missing any classes, it makes you feel guilty not showing up for classes or not attaining your goals. You will also not want to be the last in your class, so you will always be on your toes.

Find a photo where you were a smaller size and looking good

Most overweight people have a photo or two which upon seeing, they think “God, I do not know how this happened.” Post that picture on your bathroom door or on your desk or anywhere where you will see it all through. Seeing the photo will motivate you to work out and go back to the old sexy you.