The Top Foods For Diabetics

Most often, the top foods for diabetics are whole foods, such as vegetables and fruits, which aren’t processed. Including such foods in your daily diet will help meet the recommended nutritional needs and reduce the risk of diabetes complications like heart disease.

In that regard, here are some of the extra-healthy foods for diabetics

Non-starchy vegetables

Non-starchy vegetables include everything from asparagus and artichokes to beets and broccoli, which have relatively fewer per serving. This type of vegetables plays an important role in boosting your intake of minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals, and fiber as well as satisfying your hunger. They are also low in carbohydrates and calories – making them some of the best foods that diabetic individuals can enjoy.


rdfgzxcvhjWhether eaten cooked or raw, tomatoes are rich in lycopene – a powerful substance that may help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, macular degeneration, and heart disease. Tomatoes also have a low glycemic index (GI. In fact, 200g of raw tomato each day can help to reduce blood pressure. This means that consumption of tomatoes might help to reduce cardiovascular risk, especially that is associated with type 2 diabetes.

Low-fat or non-fat yogurt and plain milk

When it comes to good health, vitamin D is one of the essential nutrients and one of its roles to help keep bones healthy. Non-fat dairy foods, such as yogurt and plain milk are often fortified with this type of vitamins. These dairy products are also best foods for diabetics because they have relatively low GI scores. Dairy consumption, especially low-fat or non-fat dairy is associated with a 9% lower risk for diabetes (type 2).


sedfgdfgchBeans are one of the most nutritious foods of nature. They are rich in protein and fiber, making them the best choice for vegans and vegetarians. They also provide essential minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Additionally, they have a lower GI of a score of less than 55. According to research, beans may be one of the effective ways to control glycemic levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes and lower the risk of coronary heart diseases.

Oranges and other citrus

The pulpiness of grapefruit and oranges provide a good source of fiber, which is important for diabetics. It’s, therefore, important to consume the whole fruits rather than drink its juice to maximize the amount of pulpiness. According to studies, consumption of citrus fruits can also reduce the risk of diabetes, but drink the juice can increase the risk.Besides these top foods for diabetics, there are also several other best foods, including, blueberries, wild salmon, flaxseeds, walnuts, and other seeds/nuts.