Normally, the natural color of human teeth ranges between gray- yellow shades. Teeth also darken as one age because they acquire stains from consumption of certain foods, drinks, and even tobacco smoking. A brighter smile is a desire of many but mostly failed by dull teeth. Below are some systems that will help you get your bright smile back and beat the embarrassment of stained teeth.

It should be noted that teeth whitening is appropriate for individuals with healthy, unrestored teeth and healthy gums

Whitening toothpaste

drfghxzvToothpaste contains mild abrasives that aid in removing stains from the surface of teeth. This toothpaste also contains some chemicals and polishers that enhance the whitening effect. They do not contain bleaching chemicals and can only whiten your teeth by about one shade.

Whitening gels and strips

Whitening gels contain peroxide and are applied on the surface of teeth using a small brush. According to the peroxide level in the gel, the application guidelines vary. Make sure to strictly follow the instructions given. In a few days, some change will be noted, and long-term results sustained up to four months.Whitening strips are thin practically invisible and coated with peroxide teeth whitening gel. These strips should be applied two times a day for half an hour for a fourteen days. Early results will be noticed within a few days and end results sustained for about four 16 weeks.

Tray based whiteners

Are either bought over the counter or from a dentist. This involves filling a tray like a mouth guard with a whitening solution which contains a bleaching agent peroxide. The tray is worn for some time during the day or at night depending on the degree of teeth discoloration.

Whitening rinses

szdxcvbnvbnRinses are among the new whitening products in the market. Just like other mouthwashes they help in breathe refreshing and reduce gum diseases. They also contain peroxide that does the whitening part. Swish the product in your mouth twice daily before brushing teeth for three months. Rinses are only in contact with teeth for two minutes, unlike strips and gels which go for 30 minutes making them less effective.

In office whitening

This is the fastest and most expensive whitening procedure. A whitening product together with some light or laser is directly applied on teeth. By the end of a single treatment which takes about an hour results are seen. For the best results, several appointments are advisable.