How to Maintain the Youthfulness of the Vagina

As you age, your face starts sagging, but not only your face, your lady parts too will show signs of aging over time. Though you can use various anti-aging creams and medications to make your face look young for a longer time, such products are not available for your vagina. Does this mean you just need to let your lady parts age and can do nothing about it? Contrarily so, there are various ways to maintain the youthfulness of the vagina, and you can start following them right away.

1. Maintain a healthy weight

ghdhgd674If you keep on gaining and losing weight it can have an impact on your vagina, and result in stretching, which certainly is not good. If you feel being too thin can make you look attractive, think again. Many women who are just in their mid 30’s look much older because of the absence of enough fat in their face. Being too skinny not only affects your appearance but your vagina too, and as soon as you begin aging your lady parts will also start looking unattractive and saggy, and once you lose fat from that area, you will not be gaining it again. So, to make your vagina look youthful for a longer time, try to maintain a healthy weight always.

2. Kegels can help

You must have heard about the benefits of Kegels from so many people. Yes, it does lead to a tighter vagina and better sex. But sadly, most women do not do enough Kegels, do not hold them for enough time, and thus do not enjoy enough benefits. All you need to do is contract your pelvic floor muscle for about five seconds and relax. You need to do 100 repetitions of this, thrice a day.

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3. Enjoy sex more often

The more sex you have, the better will be the stimulation and blood flow enjoyed by your vagina. As your vaginal cells enjoy a better blood flow, it can help prevent the sensitive tissues from sagging too early. Moreover, some scientists believe that semen is rich in some anti-inflammatory agent that works as an anti-aging lotion for your vagina.


4. Quit smoking

Smoking is injurious to health, and this is something we all know. It also has been proven that smoking can result in poor blood circulation, which can have an impact on the oxygen flow reaching your lady parts. Without enough moisture or oxygen, the skin there can sag, loosen, and get wrinkles. So, if you want to keep that area youthful, you need to quit smoking right away.

Maintaining the health and youthfulness of the vagina is not at all difficult. Just follow the simple tips given above, and you will always be glad you did.